About Us

Welcome to DESGEEK! Our name, DESGEEK, is a combination of "desk" and "geek", which reflects our passion for all things desktop-related. Our goal is to create a platform that embodies the values of individuality and creativity.

DESGEEK gathers numerous creative and high-quality desktop brands including custom keyboards, keycaps, switches, and more. What's more, we strive to provide our customers with superior after-sales service to ensure a worry-free purchase experience.

DESGEEK was founded in January 2023 by a group of young and dynamic people who believe that every desktop should reflect the owner's personality. We believe that we can build a platform that not only sells great products but also organizes a community that shares the passion for desktop customization. We are excited about the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead, and we will try our best to approach them.

Join us on this journey and become part of the DESGEEK community!